The Zero Card
The Zero Card is about “things gothic, the occult, fetishism, and related subjects.”

Zero Card Assignment Desk

The following is a list of some of the articles we are looking for.

        Article Title or Idea Section Status

Stories and Pictures from Convergence VIII in Montréal (event takes place May 31st to June 2nd) Music Commentary Available   (Deadline: July 15th)
Review of Pete Mansfield's Art Exhibit, on display at The Nine of Cups Café Commentary Available
Review of Blood Death Night, the Toronto Dark Writers' debut chapbook Bookshelf Available
Review of Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter Movie Commentary Assigned (?)
Review or Commentary of Canadian-made movies, such as Blood and Donuts or Canibal Girls Movie Commentary Available
The Purple Pentacle (Zero Card Distribution Outlet) Profile Available
Heretic(Zero Card Distribution Outlet) Profile Available
Runes — description of each stone in the run set, with information and directions on how to use runes. Runes Available (completion of a series already started)
How to Make Candles Witch Crafts Available (completion of a series already started)

Please contact the editor if you are interested in writing the article.

Themes for The Zero Card for 2002

  MONTH       THEME Tarot Project CARD

January 2002 New Year’s Resolutions, the Year in Review Six of Cups
February 2002 Winter, Cabin Fever Eight of Swords
March 2002 Ancient Rome, The Ides of March The Chariot
April 2002 April Fool’s Day (humour, comedy, jokes) Two of Pentacles
May 2002 Victoria Day Queen of Swords
June 2002 Summer (Solstice) Four of Wands
July 2002 “Losing It”: virginity and first-time sex Knight or Page of Cups
August 2002 Gothic Fashion & Music (C8) Queen of Wands
September 2002 Labour Day, Work Seven of Pentacles
October 2002 Thanksgiving Four of Cups
November 2002 Movies and Movie Monsters The Hierophant
December 2002 Dreams and Nightmares Nine of Swords

Deadline: April 15, 2002 Deadline: May 15, 2002

DEADLINE for submissions is the 15th of the month preceding publication. (eg. deadline for the August issue is July 15th.) As always, any submissions of stories, articles, poems, or artwork for The Zero Card is greatly appreciated.

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